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A passionate practitioner of Indian astrological system, Areekara Damodharan Namboodiri was born as the child of Areekkara Narayanan Namboothiri and Kalpuzha Bhadra Antharjanam. His immense interest in astrology made him to pursue a ... >> readmore


Astrology is derived from Vedas. It connects human life to the nine planets of solar system. With the help of astrology, it is possible to know everything about one's life. Horoscope contains the details about one's worldly life. When one doe not seem to receive the effects of ... >> readmore

Tantra Sastra

Yantras are the geometrical form of mantras. Wearing yantras prepared on the basis of tantra sastra will help one get ... >> readmore

Vaidika Sastra

Vaidika Sastra is about the conducts that one has to go through during one's life period. It includes rituals such as naming a ... >> readmore