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Poojas and Homas

  • TILA HOMA : To exorcise the evil spirits
  • SAYOOJYA POOJA: For giving moksha to the bad spirit.
  • SREE CHAKRA POOJA: To please the parasakthi
  • PAYASA HOMA: As a remedy to nagadosha, skin diseases, body weakness and blood related diseases.
  • GANAPATHY HOMA: To remove all obstacles one has to face in one's life period.
  • MRITHYUNJAYA HOMA: To get peace from diseases and fear of death and diseases.
  • SUDARSHANA HOMA: To save one from enemies and evil spirits.
  • VRAHA HOMA: For land trade
  • NRASIMHA HOMA: To save one from severe enemy threats
  • THISHTUPP, PRATINGIRI, AKHORAM: As a solution to threats from enemies and evil spirits.
  • NAVAGRAHA HOMA: To please the nine planets of solar system.
  • DAMBATHEE POOJA: For the union of couples.
  • LAKSHMI NARAYANA POOJA: To save one from the last birth's doshas.
  • SWAYAMVARA HOMA: For marriage
  • SANTHANA GOPALA HOMA: For offsprings and happier marital life.

  • We doing horoscope cheking.prasnam, thamboola prasnam ,ashtamangala prasnam.
  • We also doing vasthu consulting and vydhik karmas ( puting name new born child, ,giving rise first time (chorun) vidhyarambham